We love pasta: from Madonna to Michelle Obama

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Not just burgers and fries. If the US has begun to understand and appreciate pasta (77% of Americans eat it once a week, while 33% eat it at least 3 times a week), it is also thanks to the many VIPs who openly support a dish that represents the prototype of healthy food, is environment-friendly, and is suitable for a balanced diet. The most recent example is Madonna, who, during her short-stay in Italy (arrival in Milan by private jet Friday night to record her appearance at the show Che tempo che fa, and immediate departure to Paris), did not fail to eat pasta (3 servings) and to relate this experience in her tweets about the Italian trip.

And this happens at the same time as when the “first lady of food” Michelle Obama is photographed by TIME magazine with a plate of spaghetti (for Cooking Light magazine dedicated to food, health and proper nutrition) for an article in which she speaks about the results of “Let’s Move!”, the anti-obesity campaign on the importance of a correct lifestyle also at table, based on simple, natural, sustainable, and economical foods. And pasta, which is prepared with wheat and water, in other words simple and natural, perfectly matches this description. For the record, the recipe Michelle suggests is “spaghetti, tomato, and spinach prepared in a pressure cooker”, an innovative cooking method (also described by Davide Scabin in his contribution to Identità Golose 2015), a supporter of a slender figure (no fats and 1/8 of the salt normally used for cooking), and of the environment (less water and gas for cooking). Incidentally, the pasta is also delicious, “al dente,” and creamy…
Of course, Italy’s consumption appears beyond reach with its 26 kg per capita per year. But to ensure a bright future to this food are the new US Dietary guidelines, which, for the first time since 1980, introduce the importance of the environmental impact in the choice of foods to put on the table.

And pasta, besides being nutritionally valid, practical and convenient, can count on a sustainable production model in the management of natural resources, with a packaging that allows a 100% recovery of packaging materials and a minimal ecological footprint (1 global m² for a portion of 80 grams).

Therefore, opening a new chapter for the symbol of the Mediterranean diet: from a dish brought by immigrants in their suitcases yesterday to the best food to teach Americans to eat well and healthy today.
Celebrity pasta lovers: the pasta preferred by American movie stars Michelle (with Barack, since the favorite recipe of the top couple of America is stringozzi alla carbonara with quail eggs, artichokes and truffle) and Madonna are in good company among the American pasta lovers.
It appears that Hollywood stars appreciate our queen of the table to the point that they recruit the best Italian chefs to prepare special lunches and dinners at home.
Robert De Niro, Scarlett Johansson, Quentin Tarantino and Halle Berry “hire” an actual “personal pasta chef” who, for the modest sum of 10 thousand euro, creates a magical and winning Italian-style dinner.
Daniel Craig, currently in Rome filming the latest “007”, was spotted in the company of his colleagues Monica Bellucci and Christoph Waltz at the restaurant “il Bolognese”.

We recall the founder of Mark Zuckerberg (and Mrs.) during their Italian honeymoon on the streets of the Dolce Vita when they tasted pasta in Rome (ravioli with artichokes) and in Capri (linguine, scorpion fish and cherry tomatoes).

Lady Gaga loves a simple plate of spaghetti with garlic, tomato and basil, unlike heiress Kim Kardashian, who, during her wedding to Kanye West, chose as part of the menu the half moons of fresh pasta with thyme and marjoram, fresh ricotta cheese with eggnog parmesan, and curls of gold leaf.

The beautiful Charlize Theron, invited by Salma Hayek to a memorable Venetian week end for her wedding, summarized the Italian magic in five words: “I ate lots of pasta”.

The “acquired” Italian George Clooney deserves a separate chapter, who, since buying the villa on Lake Como, has become a real expert on pasta and Italian cuisine. He has repeatedly been caught enjoying our signature dish (the famous 5 am “cacio e pepe” {spaghetti with cheese and pepper} with Danny De Vito) but now he has become a regular visitor to a restaurant near his Italian residence where, especially in autumn, he sits at a table near the fireplace and orders memorable pastas with lobster (delivered fresh from Sardinia especially for him) with the same ease with which he orders a simple pasta with tomato sauce (which he loves).

Speaking of Danny De Vito, the Italian-American actor himself says: “I am a very good cook. No one knows how to cook pasta with onions like me, who is of Italian descent and has ancestors scattered all over your boot.” And Renée Zellweger has said on several occasions “that she cannot do without Italian pasta,” stating: “Let me eat a plate of pasta in Rome and you will make me happy.”

Amongst the VIPs and also amateur chefs, there are a vegan Gwyneth Paltrow who is also curious about pasta, Oscar winners Meryl Streep (penne with roasted cauliflower), Julianne Moore (vegetarian lasagna) and comedian Jimmy Fallon (spaghetti alla carbonara).