Homemade pasta can become a successful business

Right from Alfabeto to Ziti, there are several different kinds of pasta in various shapes, sizes, and flavors. If you don’t have that knowledge you better look for other business opportunities like Orion Code, but if ever you wanted to start a business, the time is now and the business is homemade pasta because of the popularity of this Italian staple food.

Why is homemade pasta business unique?

In the present time a lot of importance is been given to organic food, food free of preservatives, synthetic colors and additives. Therefore, the time is ripe for manufacturing homemade products, especially pasta; it is a viable business option because:

  • This kind of pasta can be made from fresh ingredients
  • It can be customized to customers taste, color, size and quantity
  • The lack of preservatives enhances the taste and nutritional value.

The only drawback is the shelf life of this product is limited.

Steps to take

  • Unique recipes: You can create a niche for yourself only if you offer something that is fresh, new and unique. Hence, try out old grandma‚Äôs recipes or come up with your own; try it several times to ensure that each time you are able to reproduce the taste and quality. Only and only once you perfect it can you sell it.
  • Have a business plan: Have a clear cut view of your goals, business strategies, marketing plan etc.
  • Invest in bulk purchase: You will need packaging material, labels with ingredients and recipe printed on it. To save money, you can do bulk order of both packaging materials and ingredients.
  • Invest in good quality equipment: To improve productivity you must have the right equipment; therefore purchase machines that will aid preparation of large batches of pasta quickly and easily.
  • Make a price list: Prepare an excel sheet with all the cost that you incur which includes the cost of the equipment, the cost of ingredients, the packing material, labor cost and transport. You should make note of both retail and whole sale price. This will be useful to you as well as your retailers to know at a glance the profit you make.
  • Take the necessary licenses: All food related products have to acquire the necessary licenses and clearance from the health department and the local authorities. Hence, apply for the necessary permits and licenses. Also make sure that you are allowed to sell these products in your state because only 13 states allow the sale of homemade products in US.
  • Ensure proper labeling: You can sell your products in flea markets without any licensing but your products must carry labels with all the ingredients clearly mentioned. There are laws regarding labeling too; check them out.
  • Marketing: You will not be able to compete with the established brands; hence you have to build your own clientele by:
    • Circulating brochures and flyers in your community
    • Talking to your local Italian restaurants to try out your homemade pasta
    • Giving free samples in flea market and community gatherings.

Fortune favors the brave and the patient

Building a new business is not easy; it requires a lot of patience and marketing skills to sell your products. As long as you maintain the quality and have a steady clientele, you can be sure that success is just around the corner and your business will prosper.